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Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd (FLF) is renowned for setting trends in the Indian lifestyle fashion business - through integrating some of India's most popular lifestyle retail destinations, as well as global fashion brands. It is essential for all its employees and representatives to know and understand about each brand under it, so that they believe in the company’s mission and understand how to achieve it. FLF partnered with us to design and develop a mobile application that gives a quick insight into each of its brands, through advanced technology and cutting-edge features.

Mobile App Design
  • Offline mode enabled

    The app can be accessed both online and offline, wherein users will be able to take the quiz even with offline devices, and have their scores synced when they get back online.

  • Employee Login

    Each of the employees is given a user identification with which he/she can log in.

  • Quiz & Score system

    The main aim in developing the app was to educate the company’s employees about each brand under it. They can also test and improve their own knowledge.

  • iOS & Android

    Both iOS and Android versions of the app were released.

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