Creating Unique Brand
Experiences and Connections.

What fascinates us, is giving a new dimension to business ideas. And what drives us, is creativity and innovation - rooted in strategy and technology.


Creating unique brand identities and experiences, is something we were born to do. We provide diligent branding, designing, marketing and digital services. And solutions to create and advance connections between a brand and its consumers.


The common approach is about being user-centric. We first understand the technical and business challenges of every project. Then, use our elaborate research and creative vision to deal with them. We work in close collaboration with our clients and help them in solving their problems. Somewhere in this process, their goals become our goals.


Fajar Rahman Kandoth
Fajar Rahman Kandoth - Strategy, Creative Direction

Dreaming about the world of design, branding and advertising, Fajar founded ADAMS - Applied Design and Marketing Services - in 2009, and has been leading it as the Chief Strategist since then.

With over 20 years of experience working with clients across domains and locations, he believes in the wisdom of simple = smart, and quality over quantity. While trusting that design is the persuasive force that can unlock a business’ potential and create long lasting value.

Fajar has been instrumental in creating strong brand identities and disruptive marketing blueprints. He has been the catalyst who ensures that ADAMS collaborates with clients to help them achieve and surpass their business goals. He provides clever solutions for businesses to satisfy their target audiences with innovative strategies, ideas, technology and a human touch.

Awards &

Big Bang Awards by Advertising Club Bangalore

Awards for Excellence in Communication & Media

  • Gold for Corporate/Brand Identity
  • Silver for Corporate/Brand Identity
  • Bronze for Corporate/Brand Identity
Big Bang Awards by Advertising Club Bangalore

Awards for Creative Excellence in Brand and Corporate Communication

  • Silver for Website Design

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