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Filli Café is a well-established brand in the UAE, and seen as a cool place to hangout. The client recently came up with packaged take-home products Green Tea and Signature Blend Premium Zafran Tea. What added oomph to the whole experience of consumption, was the packaging of those products.

Thoppia and Typography

The Green Tea pack gives a more lush green feel, with hand-drawn tea leaves, reflecting good health with an eye-catching design. It was not all green though, maintaining a touch of the brand. The package design of the Signature Blend Premium Zafran Tea was classy and unique, evoking the goodness of nature and freshness of the tea.

The experience wasn’t just about the packs’ looks, it also focused on their functionality. Two ways of opening the packs were considered, and the design was done conveniently. The packs were comfortable to hold, keep, open and shut.

Thoppia and Typography
Thoppia and Typography
  • Food Packaging Design
  • Product Box Design
  • Take-away Box Design
  • Label Design
  • Cup Design

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