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A brainchild of 3 IITians, BlackBuck is a Bengaluru based start-up with a funding of $30 Million backing their idea. The company pioneers the facilitation of transporting consignments from any corner of the country through their app.

Client brief began with three words – simple, modern and aesthetically clean. Technology and speed is the core of their business model. All 3 young founders gave us an open canvas to deliver the next big design.

Concept design

Few sessions of brainstorming and we coined down on the key attributes that had to be achieved in the brand identity of BlackBuck. Make a simple art that a human brain can easily recall.

Logo Concept Design

Make it simple, but let there be some element that creates a relativity to the business. In order to bring in relativity, don’t forget that it needs to be distinct (something that hasn‘t been seen).

Final Design

The branding brilliance lies in the logo seamlessly conveying the nature of the business and living upto the name.

The Brand Identity we arrived at was a simple and comprehensive one. The logo denotes a road that leads far towards infinity plus the 3 dots used while writing “…to be continued”. Distinct identity was achieved by making an abstract design and finally, the complete art denotes a leaping BlackBuck, leaping ahead.

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