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Rebranding to elevate your brand

Apple, McDonald’s, Burberry, Old Spice… Yes, these are the names of four huge and historic brands. It has taken years for them to establish themselves as what they are today. But interestingly, there is one thing that is common in all these brands. That they have all undergone rebranding at some point, for various reasons.

What is rebranding?

Rebranding is a process, by which the corporate image of an organization is changed. It could involve giving a new name, logo, marketing activities, or change in design for a brand. Often, it makes a company more attractive and solidifies its brand identity.

The brand makes a significant change in any of its elements, or all of them. And the change is very obvious. The idea is to create a different identity that is unique from its competitors. And to reposition the company or brand.

Why is it done?

There are several reasons why a company could go for rebranding. One main reason is to connect with its customers, and gain their trust. With new businesses sprouting everyday, the usual goal is to influence a customer’s perception about a product/service. Or the company as a whole.

The company may want to grow or expand. And innovate by tapping into new businesses or customers on this path. Mergers and acquisitions can also lead to a rebranding.

Or it might have developed a questionable reputation in the public eye, and may want to change that. Rebranding allows it to distinguish itself from the negative opinions. Another instance where rebranding is considered, is in times of legal issues. Such as issues about trademark rights of the brand name.

Change in the company’s top management may also result in changes. In the organizational structure and the way the brand presents itself, such as a change in the logo.

The rebranding can be due to the company’s willingness to adapt to the changing times. And changing consumer preferences. Else, to keep up or stay ahead of its competitors. The reasons for rebranding are many, and subjective.

At ADAMS, we believe that rebranding can breathe new life into your business or product. Which is possible with mindful strategizing and creative vision. Along with great attention to detail and avoidance of cliché.

Below are some company rebranding examples, where we have helped to successfully revitalize brands.

Shooting a brand to new heights – Kairali TMT

In June 2015, we realized that the brand had to overcome the identity crisis it was facing. It had to identify as a separate brand from its earlier parent brand Kalliyath Steels. Though it was one of the first brands in Kerala to actually brand steel bars, it wasn’t being able to live up to that.

The brand’s visual identity – use of colors yellow and red – was being duplicated by every competitor. So, there wasn’t really a visual differentiation. The brand was losing its voice, with a gradual drop in its sales as well.


A complete rebranding along with strong marketing activities was essential. Thus, we created a new brand identity for them. The rebranding process helped the client to make a big leap, way forward than its competitors. Following our efforts, Kairali TMT’s monthly sales doubled from 3,000 tonnes a month to 6,500 tonnes a month. Thoughtful rebranding and marketing can catapult a company to new heights.

GreenSol – A new identity for a strong brand image

GreenSol was established in 2012. Five years later, they were working with international clients and meeting people from abroad. They reached a point where they felt the need to revamp their brand identity. As they realized they had to look better in the public eye. And their corporate identity had to be on an international level too.

Designing the new logo needed a lot of thought, and creative vision. We researched on their target audience, and crafted a story. You can watch an interesting visual of how the logo was made. With our deep knowledge of visual identity design, we created their new identity and website. We also standardized the way they communicated with the outside world.


The rebranded image matched the values of the client, making them look credible and approachable with a differentiated corporate identity. Today, some of GreenSol’s clients include Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru, Bosch in Nashik, BEL Bangalore, TR Agro in Punjab, etc. Their revenue is expected to grow from INR 6500 Lakh to INR 20000 Lakh between 2018- 2022. The company is growing continuously, set on the path of massive progress.

Greensol Brand Identity

An uncluttered and impactful branding – LetsTransport

LetsTransport is a new-age logistics and truck aggregation platform that serves businesses and individuals. It aims to disrupt on-time delivery with last-mile efficiency, and is one of the fastest growing startups in India.

In 2019, they partnered with us for their rebranding activity. Their old logo looked cluttered and old-fashioned. It did not truly reflect what the brand was like.

We designed their new logo to represent the company, and give an indication of its core function. In a way that gives it a classic, distinguished, and impactful demeanor.  Their new website has also been designed and developed by us.

Their current brand identity looks neat and contemporary. It has given them a differentiated corporate feel. Along with helping them to connect with their customers, partners and stakeholders better.

Rebranding can seem daunting, and at times be risky. It requires proper strategy, fruitful interactions and memorable visuals. ADAMS’ strategic and creative approach is unique for every client. That makes it a rewarding process with noteworthy commercial advantages. If you want to rebrand your company, or need any kind of assistance on that front, please feel free to connect with us.

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