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Managing your brand through the crisis.

When we look at the world today, it seems as if somebody has hit the reset button to renovate it. The Global Pandemic has burned a deep hole in the economies of many countries and brought businesses to a standstill. The Business sector is still struggling to bounce back to the new way of life and trying everything to get back in the market and revive the economy. While several countries locking borders and restricting movement have affected businesses,  it has also affected the behavior and the mindsets of the customers to switch from conventional shopping to online marketing.

The broader underlying question however, remains unanswered. What should brands do at this time? How do they plan their marketing campaigns? Should we wait till normalcy returns? Or is there a normalcy at all? These are some questions that we need answers to. 

Research shows that people in these unprecedented times are consuming more digital content and looking online to satisfy their needs. At times like these, brands and leaders in the industry must take the plunge to make an impact amongst the consumers to create lasting impressions.


Understanding the needs of the customers by conducting online surveys and polls like the ‘voice of customer’ are some initiatives brands can take to meet the consumer at the point of their needs. It is going to take much more energy and strength to understand customers’ needs, as pulling old tricks and using strategies that worked in the past may not strike your audiences in the current scenario. Conducting thorough surveys to hear what your consumers think of you as a brand will help you prepare a strategic plan to overcome pitfalls and continue to be a stronger brand.

Brand Positioning

As consumer behaviors and attitudes evolve with the changing situation of the pandemic, It is important for brands to position themselves for a better visibility. Safety, comfort, security and health are things that attract the ears of consumers in the current situation. Shifting brand positioning to speak this language will help consumers hear you out. This change in the language will require expertise of creative content producers who can re-shape your branding and messaging styles. Collaborative partnerships between brands and branding agencies are sure to help as the demand for creative content is on the rise. With many reliant on online reviews and visual advertisements, it is crucial for industries to reshape their campaigns to reflect the current interest of their consumers.

The Marketing Approach

The right approach to tackle this economic uncertainty is not to decrease or sink your marketing teams and budgets but instead to increase and create fresh content. With a growing population of eyes on social media, reaching the audience with inspirational content is the need of the hour. Brands that make a strong online presence at these uncertain times are said to be the beneficiaries of tomorrow’s loyal customers.

Reaching out to the audience by creating captivating content is a start if you aren’t doing that already. As many consumers are looking for solutions online and are using social media as a direct medium of communication, being available for them is key during these times of crisis.

Be Active on Social Media

With a majority of the customers consuming content online, the need for a strong online brand presence is essential. Using various channels and means to tap into the online customer base is primary at this juncture to widen your reach and enhance the customer experience. It is crucial for brands to build online communities that are active and up-to-date with the trends and conversations in the world. Many brands have already begun working alongside their agency partners to design creative engagement activities to keep the ball rolling. 


Though being active on social media and communicating important updates is vital at this point. Consumers want more than just that. Providing educational information that adds values to their lives and solving queries at every step are sure to earn your brand some brownie points. 

Being empathetic to the current situation should be the primary focus for all kinds of businesses during this crisis. Caring for the communities and aiding in the relief are some things that consumers want to see happening around them. Like the plants that grow to bear fruit, a seed of generosity sown today, is sure to reap a good harvest tomorrow. Brands that demonstrate care and concern for the people and communities are sure to be known for their ethical values and will possibly remain in the industry for the long haul.

Administering a humanized perspective in the market is vital as consumers prefer brands that are ethical and purposeful in their approach. Ensuring a human touch to the brand’s solutions connects people to the brand and builds brand loyalty.

Finally, we urge brands to offer fresh ideas and provide value adds in the interest of the customer. Keeping an eye out on the competition is also important to avoid getting left behind in the run. Invest the time and effort to understand your consumers’ needs through research to discover insights and optimize the solutions of tomorrow. The more you plan your strategy the more the chances of staying ahead in the league of a post-pandemic world. Happy Branding!

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