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A page off the cook-book: The chef’s recipe to Personal Branding

Personal branding is more than just being there for the event. It’s no secret that your brand mirrors your values, purpose and eventually brand identity. While your portfolio is a great glimpse into your services, branding elements like your logo design, business cards and website play just as important a role in defining your personal brand visually. 

In simpler terms, you are a stewing pot of clear soup and the only things that can promote you to being the star of your menu is that sprinkle of spices and stardust. Which ones, you ask? Look within and allow your customers to do too! Perceptions create associations, much like your favourite aroma is to your comfort food. 

Plate in your networking skills and you have impeccable branding to get your message across potential clients. If you are still wondering how to get there, here is the perfect cookbook to set your foundation! 

Find your cuisine 

A narrative helps you lead by example. Twirl that story around till it becomes the centre of attention. While this doesn’t promise overnight success, it sure does make your competition look dull in comparison. Creativity is always the easiest way to score brownie points. 

If you waltz in with the right emotion clients want to hear, you sell a service that they will want to buy. Marketing isn’t the easiest thing to crack but is definitely a project that pays great, literally and figuratively once you figure how to personalise your brand. 

Remember when Jony Ive redefined industrial design with a swish of his genius? The face behind Apple’s magnificence in design can be credited to the man who influenced an entire industry to believe that good design in tech breeds success. His impact is undeniable. Minimalist design, visual brilliance and utility that made the news? Jony Ive’s work is recognisable from miles away.

If you have ever owned an iMac, iPod or the iPad, chances are that you have yourself a piece of revolutionary product in more ways than one. 

Unbox the right flavours 

What do you offer that none of your contemporaries can? This is the single logic to developing your unique selling proposition. With some experience, you’d know exactly what your strong points are. If you still don’t, a little hunting for herbs in the forest will do the trick! Find your personal style and strengthen that to the maximum. This could either be one single ability or a skill set; work towards making it your USP. 

Don’t be afraid to name-drop this skill whenever you can, it sets you apart! 

Extra salt, and a dash of spice

The collective personality of your brand and you are an inseparable team, professionally. Create a fusion of your real life personality in your work-life too. Experimentation is fun, we concur.

Are you a stickler for perfection? Do you love to go a little extra? Cohesiveness is the spice. Put on that hat and conduct yourself like the head chef that you are. 

Observe the glory of Bill Nye and how he owned making Science in bowties uber cool. His appreciation for science, combined with his expertise as a mechanical engineer makes him just as fun as he is reliable. The magic (It’s not magic, it’s Science!) in his personal branding lies in his promise to make science accessible and super fun for everyone who visits his website. 

By carefully and planning a personal brand, you get a step closer to creating an association that is easy to recollect. 

 Your brand personality and thus, your reputation is vital to planning your strategy. 

Stir it up regularly and let it boil 

The better you plate, the more they eat! Represent yourself on social platforms that make your work shine. Focus on where the potential customers are. Content creation, especially on sites like Instagram act as persuasive messaging for viewers to assess your offerings and how you might work for their business. 

Plan your content in the form of a calendar, with a mixture of content that optimizes the features offered by the site/app. Ensure that your copy is distinct for each platform and well-suited to match your brand personality. 

A king’s serving 

Finally, always remember that consistency in your branding throughout will keep recognition fresh in the minds of the audience. Don’t hesitate to accompany colours and fonts that scream – you! for the portfolio that’s served to the clients.  

In order to let consistency come naturally to you, start with awareness first. Mindset decorates the table, a king’s serving impresses the customer. 

Here’s some advice: Step out of your comfort zone to know what works for you. There will be some hits and there will be missed, but each stepping stone gets you closer to achieving the impact you envisioned for your personal brand!

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