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  1. Corporate Brand Identity : Stand out in the crowded marketplace

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    Ever wondered how big brands or corporations were able to establish their Brand image? How much of a role has their brand identity played in promoting their products or services? How much has their strong identity helped them stand out among their competitors? Be it a big brand in the FMCG industry, Automotive or any other, they have made it all possible only by creating a unique and comprehensive identity. And a development of such a Brand Identity was made possible by their respective Branding Agencies. Not to forget, their sensible marketing.

    We firmly believe that a strong brand identity is among the most effective weapon in the marketer’s arsenal. Not all brands are timeless, distinct and powerful, but ones that are, can definitely help a business or product stand out. Brand Identity Design is an integral part of any Branding Activity and is associated with the visual aspects of any company.

    An identity design or a logo represents an image the company wants to be seen and recognized as. It isn’t just the identity that makes an impact on the viewer, many other brand applications like Stationery, Signage, Vehicle, Uniform, Website, Packaging also play a major role in creating a strong recall value in the minds of the viewer. It is these images that a person remembers and relates more to when compared to just raw data (words and numbers).

    A win-win Brand Identity is the one when a consumer can relate and remember your company over your competitors. After-all it’s all about standing out in the crowd.

    3 Strategies to keep in mind while developing a Brand Identity through various modes of communication

    • Build an emotional connect : Trigger their emotional chords, make them feel special while using your product or service.
    • Tell a Brand Story : Let your customers know how your company will make their lives easier and less effortfull.
    • Know your customer : Put yourself in their shoes

    Who can help create an unique Brand Identity?

    There are Branding agencies that specialize in creating good brand identity designs. They undertake the complete process of creating an identity. Finding new and innovative ways of communicating through an image is what keeps agencies like us interested and build brands like no other. Additionally, as experienced Brand Engineers or Designers, strategy development and innovative thought process towards each brand identity sets both of us apart in the competitive market. Moreover agencies bring with them years of experience in the field of branding. You would know better, as only an expert can do work that demands complete professionalism.

    You are looking for an Creative and Branding Agency in India to take up your Brand Development Exercise? Get in touch with us, AdamsCreation is an award winning agency based in Bangalore, India. To know more about us, click here.

  2. Creating a Corporate Brand Identity? Make sure to answer these 20 questions first

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    Often when you reach out to a Branding Agency to develop your brand’s’ Corporate Identity, there will be a number of questions that will be thrown at you. Their questions are intended to understand your brand better, but a negative effect of this Q&A session could be that you begin to question your own understanding of the brand if you have no answer to the agency’s query.

    To save you from all the doubting, here is a list of 20 questions that you need to have an answer to, before entering the Branding stage.

    So shall we begin?

    First set of Questions to know more about the business

    1. What does your business/product offer?
    The answer to this question is not a brief to how the business was established and its complete list of offerings. Rather how would you explain/see your business/product to anyone in 30 seconds would be right answer to the first question.

    2. Which problem of the customer will your business/product solve?
    If the customer doesn’t understand the need for your product, then it doesn’t get the deserved attention.

    3. Identify your 3 competitors in the local and international market. What do you like about their brand identity and what you don’t?

    4. What really differentiates your product/business from that of your competitor?

    5. What inspired you to get into this business line & choose the particular business name?
    Your brand story is what the people want to hear. Storytelling is effective way of selling.

    6. List down 5 adjectives that would best describe your company.

    Second set of questions list the things you require at the completion of the branding stage

    7. What are the other list of requirements apart from the Brand Identity Design?
    Branding can involve many other deliverables like stationery, website, product packaging, other collaterals etc.

    8. Make a list of all the supporting changes that would be required along with the New Corporate/Brand Identity Design?
    A safer option than remembering them one after the other at a later stage.

    9. Decision Makers? You can’t have any friends opinion impact your decision about your Branding.
    Have a set number of people with whom you could discuss regarding the new identity and make them a part of your decision making process. If it is just you, it still doesn’t matter.

    10. Set up a timeline? Work within those timelines.
    Having a defined timeline of for every aspect your branding project helps in getting things done on time and moreover avoids unwanted delays.
    Firstly, fix a timeline for completing this questionnaire.

    This brings us to the end of second set and now for the third, Understanding the customer.

    11. How would you describe your ideal customer?

    12. Verbally and Graphically what is the message that you would to convey to your customers about your brand?

    13. Are there any special preferences or guidelines that you have about the colors and other elements of the brand identity?
    Its best not to have one, but if you can justify your preference then it is justified.

    14. Incase you are rebranding your company, what is the reason to do so?
    This will help you understand the need for rebranding clearly and help you to explain others the reason for doing so.

    15. List 5 adjectives and characteristic traits that best describe your ideal customer.

    16. Market Research. Do you need it?
    Market research is very crucial if someone aims to understand this potential customer better. If it is a plan where you have put in a lot of thought and investment then it’s best to leave no stone unturned.

    With this we comes to the last set of question, which is about the identity itself.

    17. Why do you want to undertake the branding stage? And why only now?

    18. List 3 companies whose brand identity you think are weak (be it from the same or different industry). Explain what made you think so.

    19. List 3 companies whose brand identity you really appreciate (be it from the same or different industry). Explain what best you like about those.

    20. Finally, write 5 short phrases to describe your brand’s desired look and feel.

    Seems like a long list of questions? Well, answer them and you would save a lot of time and effort going forward in your business operations. If you have done your homework and have a proper understanding of what you need, this questionnaire is going to be a piece of cake.

    If you too are looking a get a brand identity designed for your new venture or rebrand your existing company and are looking for an Award Winning Branding Agency? You can definitely get in touch with us, but do have the answers to all of these questions!

  3. Is your Branding fit for India

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    In a market like India, is it really worth investing a greater sum on Branding when compared to countries like US or UK? Well there’s no right answer to that, but we can definitely throw some light on why one needs to invest enough time and money while Branding.

    In India? Alright we got it! But whom does you cater to?

    When your are branding for the second most populated country in the world (yeah India), you bound to know whom your brand would be catering to. Understanding the demographics of the target group is really important and a crucial first step.

    For Example : Many people who belong to middle and lower class are bound to be price sensitive while upper and upper middle class value the brand first for the quality.

    Common way of differentiating products for people in India has been something like this –

    Branded products are of good quality and last long. Cheaply priced products on the other hand are of low quality and get used very quickly. Which section do you belong to? And where do you want your brand to belong in this highly competitive Indian market?

    Let’s help you answer that.

    Value for Money

    You must have heard this term over and over again. If the price of the product justifies the value it would add to the consumer’s life then there wouldn’t be a question of thinking twice for your Target Group. Pricing strategy of your Brand relies heavily on the value it offers, justify the cost and people will buy it.

    On a larger point of view, majority of India is price sensitive and one way to make these price sensitive crowd spend a bit more on your products would be through a planned Branding. Branding drives the thought process of any brand in a consumer’s mind.

    If the communication through your branding catches the attention of the viewer, then the first battle is already won. Are you looking to Brand your Product/Service that is specifically for the Indian crowd?

    Then you can surely get in touch with us (AdamsCreation) for activities like Corporate Brand Identity and Marketing Communication with a flavor of India that connects with the Indian audience. AdamsCreation is a Branding and Marketing Communications Agency based in Bangalore, India.

    One of our highly renowned works involves Rebranding and Marketing Campaign for Kairali TMT in Kerala, India. The rebranding activity along with the full fledged Advertising Campaign that AdamsCreation undertook for them gave the business of Kairali a huge boost in terms of both Brand Presence and Monetary Values (sales wise). Today Kairali TMT is the highest selling steel bars brand in whole of Kerala. 


    Magazine Ad for Kairali TMT, Kerala, India


    Hoarding Creative for Kairali TMT, Kerala, India

    TMT market in Kerala had always been price sensitive and Kairali used sell their product for a comparatively higher price. But the thoughtfully chosen concept of the marketing campaign  emotionally targeted the consumer group and that did the trick for Kairali.

    Still thinking if you should rightly be spending on Branding? Kairali TMT is only one such example.
    Convinced enough to get you Product/Service Branded the right way? Get in touch with us right away.

  4. Brand Identity is only a Marketing Component for you? It’s never too late to get it right

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    The understanding of many marketing gurus/experts/analysts of their company’s brand identity to an extent is wrong. Rather than considering it as a valuable asset of the organisation, it is nothing more than a small portion of their marketing strategy of the brand. Marketing Communication has many portions to it, but one thing that all of us need to get it right is that, brand identity isn’t one of them. Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Print Adverts, Television Commercials, Radio Spots, Out of Home Advertising are few portions that make up for your Marketing Plan. However, Brand Identity shouldn’t be clubbed along with it.

    A brand identity takes time to establish, but once it is established, it will act as a strong pillar of support for all your company’s marketing activities for years. Today, Coca Cola is one of those brands that is easily recognisable globally. Here’s a small extract from an entrepreneur talk about how strategically planned is the branding of Coca Cola –

    “That’s because Coca-Cola has one of the clearest all-encompassing brand standards out there. Everything from the company’s packaging, its social-media profiles to its television commercials draws on the same colors, fonts, motifs and experiences. None of that is by accident. A big part of Coca-Cola’s success comes from its ability to transmit feelings and expectations through its branded elements.”

    The bright red color, the curves in the typography of the brand logo, the shape of their bottle are only a few factors that easily remind us of the brand Coca Cola even without seeing the complete name or logo. This didn’t happen over a day. But as the brand grew, so did their marketing reach.

    The reason why we are laying emphasis on Brand Identity is for the fact that many companies have underestimated its importance and that has led to failure of many of their marketing plans. One can’t market the brand before establishing it in the market. A brand needs to establish itself in the eye of the viewer by giving them a reason to notice and inherit it, doesn’t matter if the viewer is from the TG of the brand or not. The viewer might be your employee, customer or any being.

    Begin by understanding your brand first. What your brands stands for, the factors that differentiate your brand from the competitor and moreover the attributes that the brand wishes to achieve. If you can catch a viewer’s attention, they in turn become your marketing tool by talking about the brand to others. Ultimately, your brand is for the people, if they can comprehend it, nothing can beat it. Once you have successfully attained a position where your brand can stand strong as an identity, then comes the turn to go ahead with the marketing activities.

    To talk more about your existing/ newly planned ventures brand identity, do feel free to get in touch with us (AdamsCreation). Brand Identity Development has been our forte and we are an award winning agency in the field of Brand Identity Design in Bangalore, India.

  5. 5 Point Guide to a better and more comprehensive Corporate Brand Identity

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    Corporate Brand Identity puts forth the company or the business to its prospective customers, investors and even employees on a larger scale. Brand Identity of any entity is not defined by a visual image alone, it is a collection of many visual elements that together define a complete and successful Corporate Identity. These elements reach out to the desired audience through various platforms, which includes both ATL and BTL.

    Corporate Identity Development

    Strategising, Developing and Designing of the brand identity is a process that helps in defining and communicating a core message that binds the company. People tend to confuse Corporate Image with Corporate Identity. A quick differentiation of both – Corporate Image develops in people’s mind and can change with time, Corporate Identity on the other hand is established over time and doesn’t change or need any change (provided it is done well).

    A Quick 5 Point Guide to develop a better Corporate Brand Identity

    • Begin with the Strategy

    This strategy is not how you would be marketing your business, rather it includes the strategisation of what your company would stand for, its offering to the consumers/ clients, a statement that drives the company – commonly termed as Vision, Mission and Values.

    Once these sections are clarified and locked upon, one can confidently move ahead to the next step and be ready to answer any question regarding his/her business.

    • Brand Name and Brand Logo

    These two factors constitute for the face of the business, the face that everyone gets to see. Once a comprehensible, convincing and functional brand identity (brand name & logo) has been derived. We have the face of the brand ready that we want to launch in front of the viewers.

    Your Brand Identity can be attributed as
    Minimal or Loud
    Traditional or Modern
    Functional or Aesthetically Pleasing
    Or something even more.
    But one statement that the identity must abide by is ‘What your business stands for’.

    • Don’t let your inspiration be your Brand

    While developing a Corporate Brand Identity, getting inspired by other’s identity design is fine, but only to an extent where it doesn’t lead to imitations. One fundamental need for brand identity is to be unique and you lose that when an inspiration becomes your design. For an unique corporate identity approach an agency who have got distinguished work backing their words.

    • Never hold back

    Your marketing campaigns happen on a timely basis, but your corporate brand identity doesn’t. It is an one time activity that a company invests on. Make sure that investment reaps benefits long after it has been made. Give the process of brand identity development your best and expect nothing less from the one incharge of developing it. Be exclusive with your business plan and set a goal of developing an exclusive corporate brand.

    Few extra pennies spent today might save you a major expense later.

    • Brand Application

    Once you have a strong brand identity developed, next step would be to apply that idea onto various mediums. Be it stationery, vehicle, interiors, uniforms etc. People tend to mistake the process of brand application to a quick copy paste work and ignore its value. Every small article that bears the identity of the brand can be thoughtfully designed to communicate a message and leave an impact on the onlooker. These win situations lead to a formation add up to a greater recall value and belief in the company.

    Next time you design a business card, just think how intelligently can you communicate something more than just contact details to the receiver. Functionality or Aesthetic appeal of designs need to considered based on your business plan, the plan that makes you stand out of the crowd.

    In case you too are looking for an agency that can help you develop an exclusive corporate brand identity by adhering to this 5 Points Guide then do get in touch with us.

    AdamsCreation is an award winning agency that helps you develop your Corporate Brand Identity in Bangalore, India.

  6. Getting your Brand Identity shaped right

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    You recognise great brands quite easily, average brands take some time to sync in and bad ones? You wouldn’t even remember. As a result great brands enjoy a comfortable position in the market with a loyal customer base that is hard to break.

    Brand Identity isn’t for identification alone. A Brand is one of the most valuable asset of a business. It’s an asset that affects both marketing and sales. Here’s a quick insight on the must haves in your Corporate or Brand Identity to get it shaped perfectly right :

    Vision and Mission Statement

    As boring or corporate it might sound, vision and mission still determine the right positioning of the entity. A good vision inspires and aspires the team to work towards that goal. In a line or two, your Vision describes the difference that your business plan wants to bring in the world. Mission on the other hand describes the plan you wish to take to fulfil your vision. Make it simple and comprehensible, so that your reader understands easily 

    Brand Personality

    In our previous blog we have mentioned that you should treat your brand like a person, a friend. We emphasize on that part yet again. Like you or your friend has a personality, so does your brand. This personality defines the manner your customers accept your brand. Your brand can be serious, comic, cool, pricy, jazzy, classy or even funny.

    And yeah, the most important one

    The Brand Identity itself

    The visual identity of the brand itself is what we discuss here. A brand identity can strongly talk about one of the key features or have a different emotion that syncs in with your brand. Make sure you have the following covered –

    – Brand Name

    – Brand Logo

    – Brand Colors

    – Typeface

    – Imagery Style

    – Brand Guidelines or the Brand Manual
    Brand Manual is a document that would list down all the brand guidelines in terms of usage on different ambience, variations, lock-ups and a lot more. This helps the brand lay out all the communications in a manner that they belong to one family, unless one wishes to create a design that is completely different. Following a pattern of style makes it easier for a user to relate that style to the brand.

    Each of the element mentioned above holds its own importance. Missing out on any of the ones mentioned above can be a mistake that you might realise in the future course of time. For that instance we suggest you to ‘better be safe than sorry.’ Because together all these elements put up a complete picture which otherwise might be incomplete.

    If you are looking to revamp your brand identity or build a new one for your newly conceptualised business, then do get in touch to know how AdamsCreation can support you not just in Brand Identity development in, but also for further Marketing Communication.
    AdamsCreation is a Brand Identity Design company based in Bangalore. We offer services like Brand/Corporate Identity, Brand Name Development, Web Design and Development, Marketing Communication Design etc.
  7. Corporate Branding – Difference between Image and Identity

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    To sum up the difference between Corporate Image and Corporate Identity in few words, we can say that Image is a variable while identity is a constant.

    But for those who don’t understand variable, constants and all kinds of jazzy terms, here’s explaining the simple differences between the Image and Identity of a Corporate. Also how you can make the best use from both of it.

    Corporate Branding

    Corporate Branding refers to the development of brand name for the corporate entity and then branding it by designing a logo for the organisation. In Depth thinking and activity goes into the designing of corporate brand logo as it would be face of the company for the whole world, and surely one can’t afford to go wrong there.

    Branding your product or service is secondary, but building a corporate brand as a whole has a much broader dimension to it.

    Corporate Identity – an extension of Branding

    Your Corporate Identity clearly defines the way your company is represented to your target market i.e. mainly your clients, customers or your prospective clients and customers.

    For example: When we mention companies like Apple, Mercedes or an IBM, you can immediately recall their Brand Logo. If you change it once, it takes time for people to comprehend it. Bigger organisations usually undertake a marketing campaign to mark the launch of the new identity so that the people forget the old identity. Recent example is Airtel and the manner in which they revealed their new corporate identity, we must say that the company was quite successful in erasing their old identity and establishing the new one.

    Elements that are a part of Corporate Identity – Brand Logo, Brand Colors, Uniforms, Slogans, PR, Promotional Activities, Materials are few to name.


    AdamsCreation have been in the industry of Corporate / Brand Identity Design for over 7 years now. In our long stint, we have helped many people build successful brands. If you too are looking for Corporate Identity Design then do get in touch with us. Few of our previous works can be viewed here.

    Corporate Image and how different it is

    While Corporate Identity stays for long, corporate image takes only a short while to change. Corporate Identity doesn’t vary, it remains the same for a long period of time. But when it comes to image, it would vary from person to person.

    Corporate Image can vary on terms of how the viewers interpret your company to be about.

    Every company has built a specific image in their consumer’s mind. Not all would think the same, but if 70% do, it’s a sure victory. But there’s another problem, the problem is that every person interprets a message differently. So the clearer and simpler you make your image, more efficient will your message be. Often the communication style depends upon the target grout the company caters to.

    What Apple as a company might be to one, it might not be the same to another. It is an impression that has been made upon the consumer. All it takes is one good or bad message in the public to change it. Remember Maggi or Cadbury.

    So how can one plan out their right corporate image?
    Through PR and Marketing activities but even Word of Mouth plays a huge role.

    Looking for someone to plan your communications on a large scale? Write to us at and we can discuss further as to how your Corporate Image can be taken a level or two higher.

  8. Company’s greatest asset is its Corporate Identity

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    A company’s corporate identity is built around the vision the company is incorporated with. More than just that, an identity that is thoroughly thought through would invoke a feeling of belongingness and create a bond with the employees.

    Corporate Identity often inspires commercials, communications – internal & external, operational activities etc. One good concept and it can be applied at numerous places. When you can get numerous advantages through just one company asset, i.e. the Corporate Identity, then why do people tend to take it up at the end of company incorporation?

    In this blog, let us discuss how this greatest asset can be of the best use to the company and yet will never be valued in any of your accounting records.

    Beginning with, what can your Corporate Identity stand for

    Values of the company – Yes
    Nature of the Business – Yes
    Its History – Yes
    Its Vision – Yes
    But if you ask for all of it in one. The answer is a straight No.

    Being brief about the communication through the identity is the way to go. Adding too many things in one logo will only end up making it cluttered and confusing. At times, a supporting message can be conveyed through the tagline. But nothing more.

    So the first advantage of a Company’s corporate identity is that one of the key messages can be communicated at the first look itself.


    Application of the Corporate Identity for Marketing Campaigns have yielded significant success for brands earlier. There is a sense of relativity with the brand when it is connected to the identity rather than introducing a new emotion, which until recent times was never yours. At all times, you can’t be monotonous, requirements will change along with the brief and that is when the need arises to innovate.

    It is always easier to convince people of what is yours than showing them what you recently thought of.

    Now your company asset also becomes your ambassador, around whom a story can be built. Best part, your identity won’t charge you any fee for it.


    When the Corporate Identity stays for years, it registers into the minds of the people. Your target audience would start relating to your color scheme and typography with your brand in a span of some time. For example red and white would immediately remind you of either Airtel or Coca Cola.

    At a time when there are thousands of companies, getting a unique and distinctive logo won’t be possible. But if your identity manages to stand out in the related target group, then that’s an added bonus.

    There are Professional agencies who take up the work of building a Corporate Identity. Leaving a professional’s job to a professional is the right thing to do. If your company too is looking for a Corporate Identity design then, do get in touch with us. You can view some of our earlier works here. AdamsCreation has been into building Corporate Identities for over 7 years. In this journey, numerous logos have been designed by us.

    Keep Note

    Important aspects to look out for, when getting a corporate identity designed –

    LOGO and WORDMARK – Logo is a graphic symbol, whereas the Wordmark represents the style, the company name is written in. Some companies do not have a logo and just use the wordmark. Example: Fedex

    LOGO VARIATIONS – Having a good logo is not enough, ensuring that it is applicable on various platforms is also necessary. Be it any background, light or dark. Adaptability of the logo is also very important.

    BRAND COLORS & ADDITIONAL COLOR PALETTE – As we initially spoke, having colors that make you look distinct is necessary. Using the brand colors over a period of time would help register your colors into the consumer’s mind. On the other hand, changing the color palette as per need would confuse them.

    CORPORATE TYPEFACE – Similar to colors, even the font type that you use in the communications are also necessary.

    These are few of the important elements that are always required, when it comes to Corporate Identity. To get a complete list of offerings from our end with the logo, do get in touch with us. AdamsCreation designs a complete brand manual that would have all the answers that one might be concerned with, after the brand identity/ corporate identity is developed.

  9. 6 Helpful tips to maintain a successful Brand Identity

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    Every business existing in the market today, be it big or small, corporate or entrepreneurs, each one of us need a strong brand identity that stands for the Brand Image we wish to portray. This can’t be done through logo-design alone and there are many more factors that are involved in it. In this post let us discuss few of the important steps than you can take to maintain a successful brand/corporate identity. Firstly,

    Begin with a Brand Plan

    Before we talk about maintaining a Brand, let’s quickly run through the process of building the right brand identity. If you get it right here, you are already halfway there.

    Your Brand Identity or Corporate Brand Identity Design visualization process begins from your brand plan. You list down all your business goals, approach, style, ethics in here, if thoroughly researched – your business or company plan will lead you to new heights.
    Three key essentials of your brand plan will be to :

    – Decide on the Business Purpose (core Idea)
    – Realise the Business Potential and
    – Live by the Brand Promise

    When you are clear with all of the above, you are ready to take a step further i.e. develop a brand identity design – it includes factors like brand name, logo design and other brand applications.

    Now we assume that you have developed a brand identity that is in sync with your brand plan, therefore here are 6 helpful tips that will come in handy to maintain your brand identity / corporate identity:

    Note: If your still not convinced about your brand identity, do get in touch with us for Brand Identity development services like Brand Name, Logo Design and further applications. You can take a look at few of our previous works here.

    1. Clarity on where you want to be

    Your goals are set, the question is how close have you reached. Get your team together and ask these questions:
    – What are our goals and are we anywhere close?
    – If there’s a lot you need to still achieve, what should be the next step to get closer?

    First tip is regularly analyse the situation you are in and alter the next step of action accordingly.

    2. It’s your baby, but you got to be critical

    No need to go easy on your business. Review it critically. Identify where the gaps are, how you can fill in them. In the previous point we ask you revise your strategy. Whereas, what matters here is to speed up the process. You can’t keep moving ahead with snails pace all the time. There has to be a moment when you are willing to step up to speed up.
    To do that, you need to fill in all the gaps that hold you on from moving ahead.

    3. If not you, then who?

    This point is valid to all of them who have competitors out there. Figure out what takes your customer to a competitor and not bring them to you. Every business has one key point to highly talk about. Know what’s yours and what’s theirs. Is your competitors key point valued higher than yours then there’s your answer.
    Your message has to cut through your competition. Talk proudly about the added value which a customer gets only from you. When you successfully do that, your brand communication is in the right direction.

    4. It’s not just about the product/service

    Your Product/Service is one key thing that a customer would look out for. But your brand communication shouldn’t be limited to just that. Bring your brand story to life and let your customer connect with that story.
    When you manage to bring in that personal connect of your brand with your product / service is when you really get the customers attention. Involving the customer in your brand story is an alternative approach.

    5. Your partner in professional life

    Treat your brand identity like a living partner. In the digital age, advent of social media cannot be ignored. Your communication on social media should be similar to what an individual has. Let it be personal, make it involving, make your identity look like a real person that your customer can be a friend with.
    Managing brand identity on Social Media is easier said than done. You need to constantly keep monitoring, reviewing and evolving according to the feedback and response you receive.

    6. You are not for everyone out there

    Your brand caters to one set of audience. Identify them and cater to what keeps them interested. Trying to get the attention of everyone would make your communication directionless and even lose out on what you have already achieved.
    Let your communication be target audience centric. They are ones who would get business to you. If you are looking for an alternative set of people to target your communication towards, then it got to be the ones that influence the buying decision of your TG. For example: kids influence their parents, employees influence their company decision on what service needs to opted for etc.

    Some companies have dedicated teams that completely take care of their brand communication. Many companies tend to outsource this service through an agency. If you too are looking for an agency take undertakes your brand communication on various mediums then do get in touch with us.

    We can discuss further as to how your existing brand image can be taken to the next level. You can take a look at few of our works here and to contact us, click here.
    AdamsCreation offers solutions for Brand Identity, Digital Identity and Marketing Communications.


  10. Need for Corporate Identity

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    Success of your business is dependent on many reasons. One of the crucial ones is Corporate Identity / Brand Identity Desgin – which many people fail to recognise. Corporate Identity influences the reputation of your brand and how people conceive your brand in their life.

    Often people compare your brand with others? Well those comparisons are how people think about you. Comparisons can be based on various factors – reviews, pricing, quality, tone of voice, brand ambassador (for bigger companies) etc. If it’s good you’re lucky otherwise you should continue reading.

    Here are 10 quick tips that can help in improving you corporate identity

    Don’t miss an opportunity

    Most companies don’t make use of the opportunity like they should. Here the opportunity refers each and every simple day to day items, for example your office interiors, e-mail signatures, social media and a lot more. You miss the opportunity of the getting identified more often.

    Automate, this isn’t 19th Century

    There are many things that you’d require to do on daily basis and are often time consuming. Automating such things ensures your work is done quicker and in a professional manner. This gives out a positive message to the onlooker. In the end you also save time and utilise that time for something more effective. If not profitable, at least some personal time.

    Good leaders designate

    Assign work to your team, make sure it is clear and concise. Let there be not just one point of contact. This portrays a lot better image to the outsider and that matters the most. Instead if you are interacting with a outsider and every now and then if your employees keep disturbing you with concerns, it would have a negative impact.

    Is there a copycat around?

    If you have successful identity, don’t get over confident. Copycats around might look to make use of your popularity by copying a part of your name, logo or any other element for that matter. Be aware of what’s happening around you and what your competitor is up to. Innovate on regular basis, the world is advancing at a rapid pace and there are people who can do it professionally for you.

    AdamsCreation is an Brand Identity and Brand Communication agency that will professionally partner you from brand formation to marketing activities.

    Share what’s needed

    When your identity is combined along with third party, share all your brand elements and guidelines to avoid people developing something on their own. None would relate an element that has never belonged to you.

    One for all and not all for one

    As you proceed everything might not be under your control. Your brand will be one but there will be number of variants created without your knowledge, reason being ease of access. Be it change in vendors, presentation templates, designs, fonts etc. To keep things the way they need to be, store all your guidelines at one place that can be accessed by all of your team at ease.

    Evaluate Regularly

    Implement all the above points and evaluate your progress regularly. Plan wisely. Don’t restrict yourself to just basic activities mentioned above. If you’ve already implemented the above points, then it’s time to rise higher and market your brand to add more value to your corporate identity.

    Adhere to your Brand Identity

    For those who thought Brand and Corporate Identity is the same, well now you’ll know you are wrong. Your brand identity would be designed based on a specific message. Corporate Identity needs to be in sync with the same and give that message a strong backing.

    If you are looking for any services related to brand or corporate identity, do get in touch with us. You can take a look at some of our selected works here and more details just drop in a mail at

  11. ReBranding for a better reach

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    Brand / Corporate Identity is definitely a asset that a company needs to stick on to, but when this asset adds no additional value to the company or begins to die, it is better to act and act in the right direction. Which could be ReBranding and launching with a much younger, fresher and portray a image that is filled with lot more energy.

    Svamitva Infra Pvt Ltd, earlier known as Nakoda Group decided to take a bold step by rebranding their identity. The name Svamitva was decided upon, which is a term in Sanskrit meaning ‘Ownership’. This name had a greater connect with the industry the company belonged to i.e. Construction.

    To design the logo and draft a tagline, Svamitva approached AdamsCreation. Attributes that make the company stand firm were creativity, trust and ownership. We’ve worked upon bringing all of it in the logo and here is the process we underwent to derive at an identity that would relate to the name Svamitva and connect with their audience.


    The process of designing the logo began with a simple thought in mind, and that is ‘Ownership’. Whenever a person buys a property, there are a lot of things that people look into. Let’s take a look at few of them –

    The Space

    When a person visits a property, one of the things they would look at is the floor map. A floor map is a basic and a very powerful aid for an individual to visualize the final structure.

    The first element we used in the logo was of a Floor map.

    Eternal Bond

    The second element of the logo is Trust. Trust plays a very important role when a person makes the choice of a builder.

    To communicate this emotion, we have portrayed two people interlocking their hands. This connection would depict a strong bond between the customer and the company.


    Another point mentioned by Team Svamitva was to incorporate the letter ‘S’ in the logo. Henceforth, the third element of the logo of Svamitva is the letter ‘S’.

    The final logo

    The logo of Svamitva signifies the elements that build a connection among the brand and its audience. The portrayal of the logo in the form of a floor map conveys the vision of the audience to own a property through Svamitva.
    The illustration of two hands joining together to create a strong bond signifies the emotion of trust between the brand and its audience (both external and internal).  The fluent, clear and bold font style of the logo portrays a clear identity of the brand.

    The tagline ‘Engineering Trust and Crafting Satisfaction’ talks about three emotions namely – Trust, Creativity and Satisfaction. Engineering Trust – gives out a strong message to the audience that the company just doesn’t build properties, but builds the trust of the people through those properties and crafts satisfaction through better engineering.

    If you are looking for branding or design services or agency that can take care of all your design and marketing needs, do feel free to get in touch with us and discuss more on how we can take your brand forward.

  12. Why kill your Brand Identity with Theme Designs and readily available templates?

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    Why are you still stuck with the old, very old way of using a template design rather than having a customised website designed? Your brand is different from that of your competitors. Then why use the same design that thousand others are using.

    There was time when lack of resources led to use of existing fonts and templates. Today there are Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Creative Directors, who can help you get rid of those commonly used templates and help in building a custom design that suits only you and your brand. That’s what we call as Brand Identity. A design that only relates to your brand is the one that can help register in consumers mind. It is the one that helps you stand out from the crowd.

    Templates are perfect resources to use when you want to just be there. But being there is not enough. In today’s world it takes a lot more than being there. Being on the face of consumer is the only way you can be noticed and a custom design can do that. A custom design from a professional can do that even better.

    Let’s discuss the pros and cons of using ready-made designs to your brand identity.

    Pros of using designs that even your competitor next door uses:

    The cost is less, because the work is less.

    The templates are ready, the font are ready. All you got to do is put everything together, change the color are it’s done. Fast isn’t it.

    Cons of using a design that even… (Prefer not saying it again)

    Your brand is different from what the designer had in mind while making a template. Why try to squeeze your brand into it?

    Let your brand free, talk what it actually denotes and that’s when a brand can make wonders. Brand Identity involves a lot more than just a brand name and logo. It includes the following of legacy that the brand denotes. It’s like a human face. It differentiates from one to another. If everyone had the same face, how would you recognize anyone?

    Let your consumers identify you through your identity and not somebody else’s.

    How do agencies build a new design every time and make it specific to the product? Well, that includes hours of brain storming, sketching and researching. Great designs aren’t made every time by stroke of luck.

    Agencies understand your requirement and design accordingly, but for templates you just make the closest match.

    Here is a process that we follow and probably anybody would in the course of building a brand identity:

    Understand: We begin by understanding the scope of the business, the audience it would cater to, demographics of target audience and finish our research by summarising to make the understanding better.

    Plan: Based on the understanding, further plan of actions are planned to achieve the desired goal.

    Execute: The plan doesn’t reach the execution stage until and unless we are completely convinced and so are you. During execution, ideas take shapes.

    Deliver: After the execution is completed and you are happy with the outcome, we proceed with the handover of all designs for further usage of the brand.  

    What makes the process different with us?

    We are Addicted to quality!

    We believe in providing you with the best option that is creative and modern rather than randomly making 4 options and asking you to choose one among them, while no of the good enough to make an impact.

    Delay, well we don’t use words like that

    We understand how important the brand is to you and what can happen with delay in process. We ensure on time delivery so that the brand functions as planned.

    If you are one of those, who is still stuck with a template, theme or font and prefer having a custom design, then you are at the right place and you need to do is get in touch with us. Adams Creation, an advertising agency offers complete Brand Identity services which include Brand Identity, Web Design and Development, Online and Social Media Marketing, Advertising, design and a lot more…

    All you need to do is fill our contact form and we would shortly get back to you. To fill in the form, visit our website or directly reach us at

  13. 5 important things you should know about Brand and Corporate Identity

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    Before we move any further with the above topic, let us clear out some common doubts you might have –

    We often say branding is very essential, but what really is a Brand?

    Brand is a bridge that connects your business with your customers’ mind. A bridge that must stay strong at all times.

    What does a brand do?

    a. It differentiates your product or service from the competitor’s products in the minds of consumers.

    b. Helps in making a impact on the decision making process of the consumers.

    Example: You are out on shopping and have thousands of choices, but what you ultimately choose the brand that you connect with. That’s what a brand does.

    1. What is a brand and corporate identity?

    Companies brainstorm excessively about their brand and corporate identity as the finalized identity would stay with them for years. More than the time, it would be the face of the company, an image, they would be associated with, therefore taking ample amount of time before making the final decision is the right way to do it. But confusing yourself with too many thoughts regarding the style and ethics of the Brand is a wrong direction to proceed in.

    Brand primarily consists of –
    The Name
    The Logo and
    The Image

    at time some Brands also have an supporting tagline.

    However, that is just the first step. Step 2 of brand identity involves verbal and narrative aspect of the brand. This step talks about the brand story. An ideal brand story is the one that conveys, integrates and connects the consumer with the Brand.

    2. How do you know ‘this’ is the best brand identity for you?

    Branding, Design and Digital agency such as Adams Creation undertakes this process if a business or company doesn’t have adequate resources, on the other hand it’s best to leave a professional’s job to a professional.

    Brand Identity portrays what your business plan is. The way you’d want to enter the market, the message you want to convey, the USP you want to talk about and a lot more. You know what your company’s goals are, and brand identity will be one of the ways to pump up the company, to reach its goal.

    One must thoughtfully think about – Where and how the brand will be positioned, this would provide a strong direction to proceed towards the brand identity stage. Based on conclusions you would be sure of what will connect your business with the desired consumers and proceed further accordingly.

    3. Why is it worth investing in Brand Identity?

    Brand is an invaluable asset that is definitely worth investing on and here are some ways to feel and measure your brand identity. Here are ways you can determine your brand worth –

    What is people’s response to your brand? Is it Powerful and Intuitive? If yes, then you are doing great.

    How people feel when they come across the brand will determine the brand image. Whether is it eye catchy, would they like to connect to it, will they suggest it to their friends? If yes, then what more do you need.

    Brands convey an emotion through its shape, color, name and this term ‘emotion’ has a huge impact on the consumers’ desires and decisions.

    4. Brand Identity helps the business in other ways too

    It justifies premium price your business demands. Think about some luxury brands.

    Builds brand loyalty, next time the consumer returns, there should be no need for him/her to even think of any other competitor, apart from your brand. This point is very crucial. A good brand blind folds the customer and the only image they see is of your Identity. If someone asks is this bad. No, it isn’t. It is the trust customers put upon a brand to blindly believe it. Misusing the belief is wrong.

    5. How does a brand help your business internally?

    A strong and clear brand identity offers internal advantages too. This fact is often overlooked by many of our clients. After all it is a brand ‘by the people’ and the term ‘by’ refers to your team.

    The brand image acts an inspiration, keeps reminding them that they are representing the company and the brand image is their own image. If they can connect to it and relate to it, that’s when they can sell it in the market.

    These were a list of things about Brand and Corporate identity which would help you work further towards achieving the right image that you can further talk about.

    And if you are still confused about how to proceed further in coming up with a complete brand or re-brand your existing business then do write to us for professional branding, digital, design and advertising services. Adams Creation offers you services such as Logo Design, Web Design etc at competitive prices in the market. You can also take a look at our earlier work from our website.

  14. How branding can help succeed

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    Let us begin by understanding what a brand is. Is it just limited to your company logo, packaging and advertising? No, these just occupy a small portion of it. Branding is intangible; it isn’t something like a product that one can hold. Brand comprises of ideas and feelings that you’d want to convey. It is to register in the consumers’ mind and stay there forever.

    A brand is essential and isn’t restricted to just product or service branding. In a market where there is a lot of competition, consumers choose a brand over other because of the value it carries and more over the way the value is communicated, it’s all about Brand Promise, that helps win the consumers’ confidence.

    Branding is the link to connect the product’s promise to consumer’s desire. It should be easily understood by anyone related to the brand. Branding consists of 5 phases, if followed then you are definitely on the path to achieve a great branding –


    While the 4 words above are the base for any branding, what make the brand stand out are its Uniqueness, Relevance and Understanding. Brand story is an art. The art of convincing the consumer through words and making them believe in story that led to the birth of the brand. This helps in connecting with the consumer emotionally.

    Making a Brand Strategy

    Strategies differ in many ways from industry to industry. But the basics of getting them right is the same and here’s how you can the right brand strategy.

    First the message, devising a brand/ corporate strategy begins by deciding the message that needs to be communicated. It’s the distinctive value of the product or service being offered by your brand. After identifying the message the next step would be to build on the brand message and elaborate it for the next phase.

    When the brand message is identified and built upon, next step would be to promote it by reaching out to a number of people. Reaching out to the consumers is not always to get business, at times the need for your product/service can arise later on, at that point of time if the consumer is reminded of your brands product or service, the consumer would have more relativity with your brand, as they have already seen and heard about it.

    Identifying the USP of your brand is essential, what separates you from your competitors is main selling point. Building on that point and using it aggressively for promotion can definitely help.

    Building the Brand Value

    Brand Worth is what places the brand at a higher position with the consumer. It’s about influencing the consumers’ perception. This process consists of quality products and services, company’s performance, customer loyalty and satisfaction. To build trust, brand needs a value and promise of quality. First we build it and then make use it.

    Brand Positioning

    To position the market well in the market, here’s few simple steps that should be taken

    Firstly, one needs to develop a list of characteristics the consumer will be looking for in the product category. This can be obtained by small survey.

    Next step would be to prioritising those characteristics. After which the team will have to decide on which one of the attributes connect the brand to the customer. Is it an attribute that sets you completely apart? If yes, then that is the point of promotion to position the brand in the market.


    Online Branding

    Online Branding includes the Brand or Corporate Website and Social media Management. In the digital world, having a strong online presence is essential. It’s a platform for the brand to stay personally connected with the consumers. Today when most of your consumers are present online, it is really necessary to have a strong online impact.

    A website with clear and accurate representation of the business would provide information to the visitor that one would be looking for. The future is concentrated towards the digital age and anyone lagging behind with a weak brand presence online would face hurdles later. The website is a part of the brand and should be at par with the existing brand image. Bringing irrelevant or new design elements that are just present online would hurt the branding.

    The style needs to be followed all over so that there is the value of brand recall built. If the consumer can recall your brand even by looking at a small design element, then the Mission is accomplished.

    Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.30.09

    If you are looking for a strong brand identity, as well as a brand presence online, then do write to us with your queries and we would get back with a complete customised solution that can improve your brand image. You can take a look at our work here.

  15. How to choose a Logo that does the trick for YOU

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    Your logo is the face of your brand and is one of the valuable assets of your company. It is that one element which would represent the company to the world. This is what a logo does, but a well designed logo is the one that reflects the nature of the business and acts as a communicator to the audience. Few features of a well designed logo would be that it is simple, unique, catches attention and talks about the business.

    While choosing a logo, there are key aspects that need to be considered by both the owner as well as the agency that is designing the logo. We are listing down few of those key pointers that will have to be taken note of:

    For the creation of the logo, an individual can choose a freelance designer, a design firm or an advertising agency. Whomever you choose, take your decision wisely as they would be responsible in designing your visual identity.


    Logo Designed by Adams Creation


    Firstly, you can decide on a budget for the new logo and its design can vary from anywhere between $100 to $20,000 USD and even more at times. The price is often determined on factors like project requirements, size, age of the company, client list of the designer etc. The cost of logo cannot be determined just on the number of hours spent on it as timeless trademark. For those who wondering if the cost is really worth it, yes it is.

    There might be few sites offering logos from their stock and that wouldn’t be of any advantage as those aren’t the designs customised specially for your business.

    Briefing your designer

    As soon as you have chosen a suitable designer to move ahead with the designing of the logo, the next important step will be to briefly explain the business, if it’s an agency like Adams Creation you are working with, then the client servicing team would understand the business better by having you fill the Know your customer form popularly known as KYC Form. In here they would have a customised questionnaire that will make the designer understand the expectations of the logo. Few questions may read like:

    What does the business do?
    What’s the target group, competition?
    What makes your business different?

    And few more similar questions.

    You will have to be true to the designer and let them know exactly what you intend on.

    Choosing a logo concept

    The designer after thoroughly understanding the need, business and doing the required research, designer will get back with a design and will explain the concept behind the same. Then the decision would upon the owner then to validate it, if the design represents the product or business, conveys the message of the business and stands up to most of the expectations.


    One of the logos conceptualized  by Adams Creation


    Based on the answers received, you can provide the feedback to the designer and they’ll get back on it accordingly. ‘Just saying I don’t like the design’ wouldn’t help the purpose. The feedback will have to well be communicated be it positive or negative.

    Give directions but don’t start designing yourself, you have hired one for a purpose let the professional do their job.

    Final Logo

    Having some changes, you would finally arrive at your desired logo.

    Accepting Deliverables

    After releasing the payment to the designer, the will be a list of deliverables that you would receive from the designer. Few of those include the vector files of the logo, the Brand Manual (this is the guidelines book as it gives an insight to all the ways the logo can be used on various platforms and that must be strictly followed at all times). Web files in the format of PNG, JPG or GIF.


    When you are completely satisfied with the logo received, the process comes to an end. If you as well are looking to get a logo designed, then you must definitely check out Adams Creation as they have been in this field for a long time and have a long list of satisfied clients.

    After all it is the first step face  of your company and you would want it to be the best that it can ever have.

  16. Five Misconceptions on Brand Identity

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    One of the best ways for businesses today to stand out from their competition is to create a distinct brand identity to register in the customers’ minds. Be it any line of business, it must definitely focus on building its brand identity.

    For decades, companies believe that they can create their brand identity by themselves – Biggest Misconception. Be it a small or large business, it requires its own brand identity to attract the customers. But quite often businesses and companies fall prey to common misconceptions of brand identity prevailing in the market these days.

    What is Brand Identity?

    Before we discuss the Misconceptions of Brand Identity in the market, let’s quickly understand the meaning of the term Brand Identity. It is basically a mix of various elements such as business logo, business card, envelope, website, folder, brochure, flyer, letterhead and many other marketing materials. In short it is the process of creating a identity for a brand.

    5 Misconceptions on Brand Identity

    Here are the five most popular misconceptions on Brand Identity

    1. Brands are only for Big Companies – We are in the 21st Century, at this point of time every company needs to create a brand identity for itself, be it big or small ones aiming to be big. Running a business or a company without a brand is like writing without a pen/ pencil. You can still find a way to write, but it would be the most inconvenient way to do it.

      Example of Branding by Adams Creation

    2. Brand is not important for small companies – Brand is a vital part of any company and each one has to work hard on developing a visual identity in the market. Every company wants to make profits and be the best. Hence a small company will have to create an attractive logo and have brilliant marketing plan to reach where they want to. A company can’t become big first and then have a brand identity.
    3. Brand Identity makes the business impersonal – We’d rather say not having a brand identity makes the business impersonal. Branding helps in having a business in more professional manner. It brings the business in front of the market, makes it look organized and clean.
    4. It takes a lot of effort to create a brand identity – To create a brand identity it does take some effort, but if your framework is strong the task gets a lot easier. This framework would include few things such as identifying the differentiating factors, foundation of the brand and positioning as well.

      Store Branding also plays a crucial role in Brand Identity – Yet another Adams’ Creation

    5. Professional Brand Developers are tough to find – Today, there are professional agencies including us that take up the process of developing a brand identity at affordable rates. It is something that the company do it themselves but we should let a critical work such as this to the professionals itself. If you are looking to develop a brand identity for yourself as well, then do take a look at our work.

    Corporate Identity is important for every company and to make it a successful one, it is necessary to create a brand identity. It begins from a logo and all the designs further need to be developed keeping the brand message in mind.

  17. Make wonders and not make people wonder about your Corporate Identity

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    Take some time off your busy schedule and try thinking, ‘Is your Corporate Identity actually helping your company or making people wonder, what it is actually about?’ Most businessmen develop an identity just for the sake of it and concentrate more on running a business efficiently and often ignore the basics of it.

    Why you shouldn’t ignore it

    Corporate Identity is very important and it is advisable to not neglect it even for a moment. Having good products and services is definitely important to sustain in the market, but it is the corporate identity that stand behind such goods and services to create an everlasting image of it.

    Corporate identity is similar to a process of creating an identity that is unique and represents the face of your company. Try imagining the apple logo with the name Samsung and Apple in the typeface similar to that of Samsung. You can imagine it but somewhere you know that it doesn’t fit appropriately. That is the strength of their corporate identity. You cannot even think about tampering their identity even in your thoughts. There is a lot of thought process that goes into creating a corporate identity for company and there are specialized agencies that do this job professionally.

    Make a identity for the company and the people would relate you to that identity. It is as simple as that. Identifying a person with a name is lot easier than a person without a name. So it’s time your company got that all important identity.

    Further you will read about the key factors that help in building your company’s corporate identity.

    1. Build unique Collateral’s that will help

    Create unique identity materials that would present your company to the world. Depending on the type of company, develop business cards, flyers, brochures, website, banners etc. But one thing you must keep in mind is that, a style once adopted must be maintained and this is no place keep experimenting.
    If you can’t do it all by yourselves, then reach out to the professionals that will deliver exactly what you need.

    2. Build the brand for your customers

    If we have convinced you on going for a renewed corporate identity and during the designing process, your likes and dislikes interfere the process then it will just be a waste of time. Building an identity that is according to your likes and something that won’t attract your target audience then there is no use of wasting time and money on it.
    Your company is for your audience and you must provide them what they want, that’s the only way you can gain profit of it.

    3. Professionalism is the key

    This is one term that you must have heard over and over, but often ignore it when you need it the most. Your clients should start taking you seriously and that will be possible only when you are clear with your company’s ideals and you make those ideals clear, interesting and engaging for your clients.

    4. Review, Rework Regularly

    Reviewing your company’s identity regularly is the best way to understand the change in time. As a result of this, you can stay on track with the latest developments around the world. While your competitors will be constantly doing the same, the same would be expected of your company as well.

    Companies today are in fierce competition, which gives customers a wide range of choices. That is why companies today are opting to have a strong corporate identity and make it stand out among others.

    These points are a guide for you to guide you on your path to making a strong corporate identity for your company. If anywhere you feel there is a need for professional help then you can feel free to contact us.

  18. Corporate Identity: How important is it for you?

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    One of the foremost things that worry every businessman is how to find Customers. Your customers won’t find you or you won’t meet your customers, just because you are running a business. But you do wish it had been that easy, don’t you? One of the most important thing that you have to do in order to find your or let your customers find you is by getting your Corporate Identity right.

    Why it matters?

    You definitely would accept the fact that there are many other people who are selling the same things or providing the same service as you. Most often there wouldn’t be much difference in quality and if there is, still the customer opts for the one that is economical as well as of a good quality.
    So is selling the goods in cheaper price the only option to find customers? Definitely not! In order to let your customers find you, you must have an identity that relates people to you and only you. It is the identity that would remind people about only your company and no one else; in short this is what we call as Corporate Identity, your Corporate Identity.


    How it helps?

    Having a right Corporate Identity would not only give your business a distinct identity but also help you with your positioning in the market. You would have a set of audience that will be your customer and your identity would target that set of customers effectively.

    How do I decide my Corporate Identity?

    To choose your corporate identity, firstly you must have a clear understanding of what your business is all about. As you have started the business, you must definitely have a clear idea. Next, decide upon who are your prospective customers. This stage plays a very important role, as you decide upon an identity for yourself. In simpler terms, to impress a kid you would take a clown along with you, whereas to impress a corporate you would take a nicely groomed person in formals. If at all we switch places of the kid and the corporate, you yourself can imagine the results. A clown will not connect to a corporate neither would a formal person to a kid.

    So this is how it works, decide upon your perspective customers and based on that build upon a corporate identity for your business. When you target the right people, that’s when the right people would come back to you.

    Why is it so important?

    Good question. Often people end up window shopping at shopping centers. People want to while away time and this is one of the ways they do it. In this window shopping process of theirs, a person came across a shop that sold handicrafts like many others but it still caught her attention because of the shops completely different corporate identity. Though she didn’t want to buy any handicraft item at that moment, still the shop got registered in her mind and whenever she wants to buy any handicraft stuff, this shop would be the first one she would visit because it has already made a mark on her.


    What corporate identity does to your business is it helps people remember your business. You would want people to remember your business, because the next time they want a product or service that you offer, they must be reminded of your business.

    This is why it is so important to put some thought while creating a corporate identity for your business. While large corporations spend millions to get their right identity, the smaller companies need not spend a huge amount but definitely require a small investment to get their right corporate identity. After all it is the face of your company and corporate identity is the make-up done to it to make it look attractive. This is the make-up that doesn’t wear off the face easily.

    If you are looking to get your right corporate identity for a new business or an existing one then feel free to contact us.