Since 2013


Employee Operations Manual, Marketing Collaterals, Corporate Video

Tanishq, one of the most trusted and fastest growing jewellery brand in India has delivered value to its customers and shareholders. A brand with stringent quality standards to ensure that every product is crafted to perfection also decided to develop an operational manual for the employees to standardize the customer experience across the country.

Providing training session for all employees across the nation and every time when a new employee joined, didn’t seem to be a practically viable solution. The client believed that a manual that covered each and every aspect of customer service – right from walk-in to after sale interaction would be ideal to communicate the brand vision with the employees.

A Corporate Video was also shot that supports the content in the manual.

Operations Manual acted as a guide for all the employees as they could refer to it at any point of time in the store. It also became easier for the new joinees to understand the brand culture and live up to the brand expectation. This resulted in customers getting more clarity and better response from the employees for their queries. Employees also envisioned the brand at the same level that the Director himself aimed to see the brand at.